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Our Space Solutions

Get more from your business space.

Modular Offices / Mezzanines

Immediately add needed floor space by maximizing the use of your facility’s headroom. Design flexibility allows us to create custom layouts for special applications.

Two-Story Applications

Available in a variety of options that make these an excellent choice for supervisory or warehouse offices, vision towers, modular offices and additional storage space.

ASRS Vertical & Carousels

LEAN storage solutions that enable you to increase storage density, throughput, and efficiency, while reducing inventory.

Wire Partitions / Tool Crib Security

These tough but attractive systems are ideal for separating and securing any space. Design and configure them to meet your application and security requirements.

In-plant Offices / Guard Stations

Tap into the versatility of these wall systems to design the office space that best fits your needs, whether it’s a shipping office or guard station.

Lab Enclosures

Whether you need a light duty enclosure or a sophisticated hood system, Kraftwerks can offer a perfectly tailored solution.


Operable & Relocation Walls

Room sizes can be changed in a matter of moments to control sound or simply create the most efficient use of floor space.

Folding Doors & Partitions

 Our folding doors and partitions are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space.