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Operable & Relocation Walls

Operable Walls

Panelfold Operable WallsPanelfold operable walls form the most flexible wall system in the selection of movable walls: no hinges, no floor tracks and no limits to the type of application. Rearrange your rooms by creating additional space. Panelfold products are available in a variety of colors, textures, wood veneers, decorative laminates and work surfaces, meeting the highest criteria of design specifications.




Panelfold relocatable walls install quickly without permanent attachments and relocate easily to accommodate any floor plan. Panelfold Relocatable Walls are a finished product. Less construction is required in creating a wall in the office space if desired. Framing, drywall, taping, and painting are not required. Wall is assembled and ready for use immediately following.

Panelfold offers a full range of options, including pass-doors, self-illuminated exit signs, partial height and full height windows and chalk; marker and tackable surfaces may be specified.