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Two-story Applications


Borroughs CatwalkCatwalk systems offer a cost-efficient solution for the conversion of unusable overhead space into efficient overhead maintenance walkway space. Mezzanines are a cost-effective way to increase capacity of an area for additional manufacturing space or storage.

Mezzanines allow the user to take advantage of excess ceiling height by building a modular second floor without having to impact the building shell. Catwalk or shelf-on-shelf mezzanines consist of double-tall shelving units with a floor that is suspended from the shelving at the halfway point. The shelving units on the upper level are configured the same as those on the lower level.


Custom Applications-Konstant2Cogan wire and metal products redefine custom business. Installation is easy, fast, and efficient. The structure is delivered with all of its parts prefinished and ready for assembly. The supporting columns are simply bolted to the ground and take up as little floor space as possible. A series of beams are then bolted onto the columns and the flooring system is fastened on top. The steel construction is engineered for maximum strength and durability, and is built to handle the wear and tear of industrial storage.

Mezzanines come with a variety of customizable accessories to best fit the needs of your warehouse. Choose between staircases and ladders with open or closed risers and treads, two-rail, three-rail or welded mesh handrail, swing gates, sliding gates, lift-out gates, or diamond loading plates. Also, flooring systems are available in composite resin board over a corrugated steel deck, diamond plate over a corrugated steel deck, and open steel bar grating or galvanized steel bar grating. Mezzanine accessories are meant to ensure the safety and usability of your structure.

In-plant Offices & Guard Stations

Inplant Shipping or Guard OfficeModular building systems are pre-engineered and are assembled in hours rather than weeks. Labor costs are trimmed substantially over conventional construction. All modular building components are pre-finished and can be relocated or reused. Buildings can be modified quickly and easily to meet your changing needs. Buildings can be expanded or moved with no loss on your initial investment.

Cogan also manufactures custom guard towers for military and private sector applications, whether it’s for a military observation booth used to monitor artillery target practice or simply to raise a guard booth to enable better visibility over a surface parking lot.

Because our mezzanines are prefabricated at our plant prior to shipping, these towers can be assembled in a fraction of the time required for a similar structure constructed by welding components together on site.

Cogan’s guard towers are constructed using all structural steel components and are designed in strict compliance with the IBC (International Building Code). All of our towers are painted with an industrial grade and coated with an extremely durable polyurethane acrylic paint to resist nicks and scratches even in the harshest environments. Galvanized steel construction is also available.

Freestanding Mezzanine

Freestanding MezzaninesBy installing a freestanding mezzanine, the area below remains open, allowing for office areas or other storage. Freestanding mezzanines use structural steel for support. With a rack supported mezzanine, not only is the area of the mezzanine usable for shelving storage, but the area below is designed for maximum storage with the use of pallet racking.





Modular Mezzanine-InplantModular building systems are pre-engineered and are assembled in hours rather than weeks. Labor costs are trimmed substantially over conventional construction. All modular building components are pre-finished and modular, meaning they can be relocated or reused any time. Buildings are expanded or modified with no loss on your initial investment.



Stairs & Landings

Double Stairs-BorroughsCogan staircases are built to last, yet are easy to assemble with simple nut and bolt connections. Our durable staircases fit exactly where you need them: mezzanines, in-plant offices, racking/shelving systems and more.

  • Risers: Open or closed risers depending on application
  • Treads: Closed or optional open tread/grating/strutLandings are provided for staircases to allow entrance when stairs run parallel to the mezzanine perimeter. Constructed of the same top quality components and decking to match the mezzanine, landings are designed according to custom dimensions and codes.