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Flooring / Matting


CiscoEagle MattingStanding for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is very uncomfortable and causes physical fatigue. Leg muscles become totally static and constricted as they work overtime to keep that person in an upright position. Blood flow is greatly reduced causing pain and discomfort. In this situation the employee’s heart is forced to work harder to pump blood through these constricted areas and the body begins to run out of energy.

However, if a person is allowed to stand on an anti-fatigue mat, his muscles will subtly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. This muscle movement increases blood-flow and increases the amount of oxygen reaching the heart. Fatigue is greatly reduced as a result.

Racedeck® Flooring

Racedeck Flooring2The incredibly durable RaceDeck® Garage Flooring System has multiple applications in your home, office, retail, auto shop, or even manufacturing environments, such as:

  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Workshop Floors
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Mudrooms
  • Daycare Centers
  • Nursery & Playroom Flooring
  • Weight Room and Gym Flooring
  • Airplane Hangers
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Showrooms
  • Exhibits
  • Tradeshow Floors
  • Motorcycle Displays
  • Mobile Displays

The floor tile system is resistant to petroleum products, anti-freeze, chemicals, etc. with hose-off easy-clean surface, which can handle extreme rolling load capacities. Installs quickly on any flat surface – inside or out – with simple snap fittings on tile edges. Floor tiles have a high-flow self-draining surface.

They are available in the 10 standard colors plus silver, brick red, and forest green. The flooring’s patented living hinge system enables easy rollout/roll-up installation. Ideal for race teams, hospitality areas, retail displays, motorcycle, boat, and car shows.