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Frequently Asked Questions (Click on any question below)

Isn’t all used material handling equipment just a bunch of rusty junk?

How do I know what products and sizes I need?

Do you have used equipment?

What is your company’s shipping policy?

What are some ergonomic issues that can be solved with material handling tools?

If I don’t see the product I am looking for on this website, does that mean that you do not have it?

Can we get a sales representative to visit us?

What are my color choices?

Can I purchase replacement parts from Kraftwerks or do I need to go to the vendor?

Can you do custom orders?

Isn’t all used material handling equipment just a bunch of rusty junk?

That’s like saying all cars, unless they are new, are nothing but junk! It’s simply not true.

There is plenty of junk to be found out there, but it’s our job to find quality product for you whether it’s new or used. Those that take the time to do their homework will find that Kraftwerk’s reputation is second to none within the industry, at providing quality products and services for our clients. At Kraftwerks we have been successfully integrating new and used equipment for over 20 years.

Let’s face it; you only get one chance to make a good first impression. We like to think that if given the opportunity to earn your business, we’ll make you glad you did! This past year we had a record number of existing clients recommend us to their friends, family, and others within the business community. For us at Kraftwerks, that’s pretty exciting stuff.

Furthermore, there are some facilities that contact Kraftwerks for used inventory exclusively. Kraftwerks would never acquire and warehouse a used lot that wasn’t of value and that didn’t have resuable integrity. Lockers, shelving, pallet rack, beams, lifts, conveyors, and other disassembled modular pieces are among the many used items we have stocked in our warehouse. It’s best to contact us via phone and ask a representative what is in the current inventory for used stock and equipment; the quantity and types of used pallet racks, lockers, shelving, lifts,conveyors, tool boxes, drawers, etc. change everyday. Most of the time, these disassemblies are far from disposable, and most of the time, they are needed elsewhere. We will repalletize them and get them ready for pick-up or delivery.

How do I know what products and sizes I need?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! When you call us, we ask this very same question. But with our knowledge and expertise in every industry and facility, we supply the answer to what products and services you need. We find our what products and what sizes you require, and all other recommendations for placement.

Again, you ask: How do I know what products and sizes I need? Kraftwerks knows.

Most people don’t buy material handling equipment every day. Most are not familiar with all the options available. We are here to assist you in every way we can. We can design, outfit or install just about any system for any business there is. Our salespeople are knowledgeable and versed on what products will work best for your specific needs. Our engineering and consulting staff are more than happy to assist you in choosing the various products and options available. We will work within your budget and suggest materials that allow you to update and modernize your operation as your business grows and expands.

Do you have used equipment?

YES WE DO!  Call us if you are looking for something specific. There is a good chance we may be carrying it in our used inventory. The Used Equipment list is always changing. Used lots are bought and sold on a regular basis. Used material handling equipment is not “rusty old junk”. There is a lot of value in assemblies that may not be used anymore, but are still in good condition. By the way, our used equipment lots? They are always first come, first serve.

What is your company’s shipping policy? Does your business have a shipping policy?

Allow: Freight cost included in pricing

Collect: Your preferred carrier bills freight directly to you

Prepay & Add: Kraftwerks will select the most economical way and we will prepay & add freight to your invoice adding 10% of the freight cost as a handling fee.

What are some ergonomic issues that can be solved with material handling tools?   

There are so many answers to this question. Everything is material handling- production, flow, and transport. To list a few ergonomic issues:

-Excessive reaching

-Excessive bending/loading

-Excessive lifting

-Task repetitions

-Sitting postures

-Hard-to-hold objects

-Proper lighting

-Cluster eliminations

-Hard floor (which creates fatigue)

-Worker morale

-Reduction in worker compensation

If I don’t see the product I am looking for on this website, does that mean that you do not have it?    

NO. Call us. Our inventory is extensive and constantly expanding, growing, and changing with the fast-paced patents, modifications to existing products, and ever-changing technological world.  We have access to many products and specialized services that may not be listed. It is very important to contact us immediately.

Can Kraftwerks provide parts and services for all types of material handling products?

YES. Call us for your material handling needs. We are the industry standard.

Can we get a sales representative to visit us?

YES. Contact us to arrange a site visit. These types of consultations are often recommended.

Our sales and service departments are ready for your inquiries. This does indeed mean any time! So call us or email us at the contact information below:

Phone: (716) 876-9000 or (800) 387-5397

Fax: (716) 876-9398


You are also welcome to check out our Request for Quote page and fill out as many details and comments as possible. Remember, we are here to educate you and continue our dedication to professionalism and customer service.

What are my color choices?

That depends on the product and the vendor. Please contact us and we will be happy to send you color samples or email them to you.

Can I purchase replacement parts from Kraftwerks or do I need to go to the vendor?

You can purchase all replacement parts directly from Kraftwerks

Can you do custom orders?

YES! Essentially all our products and designs are customized to your business facility. It is our job to assist you in product selection and integral design, all in accorardance with your business’ organizational culture, integral facility aesthetics, and integral production flow.

We have a full staff of knowledgable designers, engineers, technicians, estimators, salespeaople, and CAD drafters with expertise in custom design.

We are the space and efficiency experts! We have the solution to any problem.

The Kraftwerks team is a team of efficiency and optimization experts with solutions to your never-ending material handling needs!

So, again yes…custom designs are welcomed by Kraftwerks. That’s what our businesess is built on.