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Environmentally Friendly Products

Energy Efficient Fume Hoods

Energy savings is a key component of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Low-volume fume hoods require less HVAC infrastructure and fewer controls, while providing ongoing annual energy operation savings.

High-efficiency LV fume hoods offer unsurpassed safety, a host of friendly features, and 45% energy savings over standard fume hoods.

Safety and ergonomic features may include:

Full containment at all sash positions, based on ANSI Z9.5 recommended levels

  • Smooth operating, 18″ auto-return, belt-drive sash
  • Obstruction-free flush sill
  • Rear-outlet, front-mounted, anti-splash cupsink
  • Staggered service outlets
  • Gasketed and angled access panels
  • Cord pass-throughs
  • Easy to clean baffle system

Adaptable Furniture

Mobile tables, carts, and modular service carriers offer several environmental advantages, including low life cycle costs and low environmental impact reconfiguration.

They are also constructed with ergonomics in mind, reducing unnecessary movements and creating a more streamlined, efficient process.

Casework & Cabinets

Environmentally friendly steel casework and cabinets are manufactured from 25%-40% recycled steel with a VOC-free, acid-resistant, powder coat finish.

Environmentally friendly wood casework and cabinets are created from nature’s renewable and recyclable resources.

  • Eco-friendly Medite®II – 100% recycled and recovered fiber core panel
  • VOC-Free flatline finishing – acid-resistant, clear-coat finish applied with environmentally friendly flatline process, releasing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere
  • Rapidly renewable veneers – natural and caramelized Asian bamboo and hardwood veneers (e.g., American lyptus, red oak and white maple)