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Overhead Service Carriers

Overhead service carries are designed to complement moveable furniture systems and free up space. They provide a functional and convenient point of access for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, service (gasses, air, and vacuum), phone, and data connections in a convenient and versatile location. And they can be easily customized to suit your unique environment.

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels integrate into a ceiling grid and provide a low cost method of delivering plumbing, power, and data to today’s lab bench or equipment.

  • Integrated in ceiling grid
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Power outlets
  • Data Ports

Vertical Service Carriers  

The vertical service manifold is a one-piece extruded aluminum assembly designed to carry up to four separate services that slide into place between the uprights of island upper carriers. It’s furnished complete with four ground key hose cocks. Services may be piped from either above or below.

The vertical wire raceway uses a G-4000 wire raceway that snaps into place between the uprights of island upper carriers. The wire raceway may be furnished with a variety of data and power outlet configurations.

Overhead Service Enclosures

Overhead service enclosures have a suspended carrier design, able to integrate multiple plumbing, power, lighting, data, and localized exhaust elements. Pre-plumbed lab services including high purity.

  • Pre-wired power and data ports
  • Localized exhaust ports

Overhead Service Manifolds  

Overhead service manifolds have a suspended design that utilizes a unique extruded manifold for standard laboratory gases, air, and vacuum. Services can be added at any point along the manifold to allow for future expansion with minimum effort.

This manifold design also accommodates specialty services, power, data, lighting, and localized exhaust, and can be pre-plumbed and pre-wired as well as mounted on the wall to provide an integrated design for all laboratory services.

  • Integrated plumbing for lab services
  • Pre-plumbed high purity gases
  • Pre-wired power and data ports
  • Localized exhaust ports

Wall Mounted Service Carriers

The sleek, compact design of wall mounted service carriers provides easy access to all lab services, including:

  • Common gases, air, vacuum, and water
  • High purity and special gases
  • Power and data

Accepts multiple fitting options including standard and fine control valves, quick connect fittings, communication and data outlets, and electric service outlets.

  • Available pre-plumbed, tested and certified, ready for installation
  • Available in all standard powder finish colors
  • Customized to meet your project needs