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Pick and pack work stations have become an important component in the fulfillment workflow planning process. Ergonomic workstations help avoid injuries by ensuring both horizontal and vertical reach zones have been optimized. And smart manufacturers realize that a comfortable employee is sure to be more productive than one who isn’t.




Pick & Pack Workstations

Poor packing stations can cause bottlenecks in workflow. Customizable products improve ergonomics and organization.

  • Uniquely designed for the packaging of small or of large items
  • Adjustable to accommodate different height operators
  • Limit footsteps by keeping all production support items within reach (e.g. scanner, keyboard, printer, label stock)
  • Mobile to enable simultaneous picking and packing 


Above Work Surface Accessories  

Above Work Surface AccessoriesAn incredible selection of accessories including shelves, lighting, power, tool rails, bin holders, overhead cabinets, monitor arms, accessory shelves, document holders, markerboards, and tackboards.  

Advantages include:

  • Articulating arms hold monitors and other equipment; clears work surface for the task at hand
  • Modular design; can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs
  • Great variety of heights and widths; optimum configurability
  • Accessories can be easily repositioned for each user; maximum ergonomic comfort
  • Many accessories tilt and articulate; greater comfort and ease of use
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing workbench; affordable enhancement to existing equipment



Assembly Workstations   

Rousseau Assembly WorkstationAssembly workstations are used to increase operator efficiency and productivity. They offer an optimized workspace, manufacturing industry-standard heights, as well as cabinets for storing tools and hardware of all sizes. Their robust components make them ideal for industrial applications, while their attractive design fits perfectly into any high tech environment.

Kraftwerks offers a large selection of manual and electric height adjustable frame sizes that can easily be configured for a broad range of different industrial assembly applications. A complete complement of off-the-shelf accessories is available to configure the workstation for your specific application.

To simplify the handling of large heavy items, Kraftwerks can incorporate retractable ball transfers into your workstation. Electric height adjustability provides true user-friendly adjustability for large tables with heavy loads to give operators better task positioning. This simplifies operator tasks, reduces injuries, and increases productivity.


Automotive/Service Department

Rousseau Automotive-ServiceWe have the answer whether you are looking for a basic workbench with a little or a lot of storage space, or a more complete work center (integrated with or without a lift motor control, computer system, reels, and more). We offer versatile options that provide you with exactly what you need for a fully integrated global technician work center: tech caddies, ergonomic seats, waste containers, louvered panels, power feed panels, and more.

We have a solution for every need whether you are looking for a basic workbench with two legs and a top or a specialized workbench — fixed or mobile. The painted or stainless steel work surfaces are available in a wide choice of dimensions so you can have a single or double workbench tailored to your requirements. Plus, our solutions provide you with unlimited layout possibilities — both above and below the work surface.

In addition, we offer a wide range of toolboxes — fixed or mobile. You will be impressed with their exceptional quality, attractive appearance, sophisticated design, and of course, the incredible number of layouts possible.

Click here for the Rousseau Metal Bay-Design Tool


Below Work Surface Accessories  

When choosing workstations you should also consider if the workspace, the work being done, and your company’s particular type of workflow are best served by a group of workstations arranged in a particular configuration. Some companies offer modular workstations that are designed specifically to accommodate different configurations and thus different types of workflow.

There also are plenty of options for storage, both above and below the work surface. With careful planning, you will be able to get a workstation that addresses your storage needs exactly with little or no wasted space. 


Cleanroom Workstations   

Kraftwerks offers cleanroom surfaces (stainless and laminated) on both our medium-duty electric height adjustable frame, and on our standard industrial frame. User friendly, electric pushbutton adjustability encourages users to properly adjust their work areas to ergonomically correct heights. 

Offers a sit-stand adjustability range of 27″ to 43″. The cleanroom tables are available with 16-gauge, type 304, and polished stainless surface, either perforated or solid.



Composite Wood Work Surface Tops   

Rousseau WoodWood countertops will always be appreciated for bringing warmth into a room. It’s easy to clean and it can be sanded and resealed as needed. Comes in hardwood, oak, or maple. 

Features include:

  • Appearance: Natural varnish, or penetrating oil finish
  • Composition: Solid edge grain maple or oak strips, glued together electronically and finished with baked-on clear synthetic varnish or penetrating oil
  • Chemical Resistance: Fair chemical resistance, but not recommended for use in chemical laboratories
  • Applications: Excellent top material for physics tables, electronic benches and other tables where mechanical or physical work levels are prevalent


Custom Workstations  

Rousseau Work CenterRousseau will meet even your most specific workbench needs, from top to bottom. The WM structure can be installed on most industrial workbenches on the market. Whether you are looking for a basic worktable with two legs and a top, or a specialized table, you will find a solution for each and every application. 

Options are available in both the centered and off-center stands, giving you fast access to each and every item you’re storing. A wide variety of accessories provides flexibility for custom layouts. All components are assembled to the uprights with plastic knobs or installed with hooks.

Layout and position of components may be changed without using tools, allowing your system to evolve with your needs. Many units can be made mobile in order to better meet your needs. 


Ergonomic Manual & Electric Height Adjustable 

The adjustable workbench is an ergonomic solution that features a hydraulic lifting and lowering system to accommodate for different sized employees. Ergonomic workstations are designed to eliminate excess bending, stretching, lifting, and steps of workers. This increases worker safety and decreases workplace injuries.







Fume Hoods 

Fume hoods are vital containment systems for fumes, vapors, viruses, infectious diseases, particles, and odors. Not only do they shield workers from dangerous exposure, but they also protect the integrity of the work performed.

Here are some of the more common types of fume hoods: 

  • Bench top – good for limited floor space, not free-standing
  • Floor mounted – free standing
  • Walk-in – large, able to accommodate technician & larger equipment
  • Biosafety cabinet – viral or infectious pathogens
  • Perchloric acid – specially designed steel, avoids perchlorate salt buildup
  • Radioisotope – prevents absorption of radioactive & corrosive chemicals
  • Ductless – collects & filters air internally via filters Snorkel – small, can be mounted on ceilings, walls or work surfaces


Industrial Workstation  

Rousseau MobileOur durable industrial workbenches are ideal for use in factories, shops, garages, and laboratories. We offer a wide variety of work benches designed for everyday work use, heavy-duty performance, and long life. Our industrial workbenches are available in various sizes and models, and optional accessories are available to customize benches for your specific work needs. These benches handle heavy work but are also perfect for inspection, sorting, shipping, and light assembly environments.



Laboratory Workstations 

This user-friendly table allows for faster task changes, flexibility, agility, and mobility, all with the simple touch of a button. The power tables were also a major contributor used to improve productivity in a “Lab of the Year” winning facility. 

Professions utilizing laboratory workstations include:

  • Research and design
  • Wet and chemical
  • Health sciences
  • Analytical
  • Industrial


Maple Work Surface Tops 

Rousseau Maple TopMaple surfaces look great and can take a pounding, making them ideal for a wide variety of uses, including high-end residential and office applications, as well as heavy-duty industrial applications. After years of tough use, maple surfaces retain their natural beauty and character.   

Features include:  

  • Appearance: Natural varnish or penetrating oil finish
  • Composition: Solid edge grain maple or oak strips, glued together electronically and finished with baked-on clear synthetic varnish or penetrating oil
  • Chemical Resistance: Fair chemical resistance, but not recommended for use in chemical laboratories
  • Applications: Excellent top material for physics tables, electronic benches and other tables where mechanical or physical work levels are prevalent 


Laminate Work Surface Tops

Laminate work surfaces come in a wide range of colors and patterns and are easily maintained. Laminates are enjoyed because they are durable, inexpensive and offer a pleasant look and feel.

However, laminates also scratch and chip in time and repairs are hard to make. Tops are high-pressure plastic, laminated to a particleboard core and self edged. Good for instrument or delicate electronic work. Designed for durability and yet perfect for sensitive electronic work. 

Standard laminate is a good all-around surface material, which we supply with a radiused comfort edge for ergonomic support. Our standard laminates are laid over high-density engineered substrate using environmentally sensitive adhesives. 

Features include: 

  • Appearance: Hard, smooth surface
  • Composition: Plastic laminated surface attached with water resistant adhesive to solid particleboard; available in choice of colors and patterns
  • Chemical Resistance: Fair chemical resistance to wide range of acids, alkalies, and solvents
  • Applications: Recommended for light duty purposes 


Mobile Workstations 

Rousseau Mobile2The Rousseau mobile cabinet is one of the safest on the market. It is very easy to modify the configuration of the cabinet; drawer order can be changed at any time. Polyurethane casters with high quality rolling systems make moving the cabinet easy and do not leave marks. 

Several housing accessories are available such as foldaway shelves, hanging side cabinets, laminated wood tops, etc. A variety of drawer accessories are available such as partitions, dividers, plastic bins, protective foams, etc. The full-width ergonomic handle ensures a smooth and comfortable motion when opening the drawers. The integrated Lock-In mechanism is easily activated with one hand. 


  • 100 lbs. capacity per drawer
  • 100% access to drawer contents
  • Variety of drawer accessories available, including hanging file bars, plastic bins, and dividers
  • Drawers on roller bearing slide 


  • 400 lb. capacity per drawer, the sturdiest in the industry
  • 100% access to drawer contents 

Modular Workstations  

Create cells and unique configurations with C-Leg Series workbenches. Modular double-sided workstation frames and shared legs bring you closer to an ergonomically sound facility that is ready to expand. Many other configurations are available.

Advantages include:  

  • Modular components
  • Ergonomic design
  • Custom design
  • Utilization of vertical storage
  • Easy configuration
  • Interchangeable components
  • Solid engineering, materials, and finishes provide durability


Packing & Shipping Workstations  

Adjustable packing stations allow users to adjust to their own comfort level, alternate between sitting and standing positions, and adjust to accommodate different users in multi-shift operations. Corrugate shelves, under work surface storage shelving, bins, and other accessories can be incorporated to fit specific needs. 

To accommodate a wide variety of products, workstation systems offer a large selection of base frames with either manual or electric height adjustability. These frames can be accessorized with single, double, or triple bay uprights to support shelving for packing materials, back screens to post memos, and instructions; undersurface storage to provide additional material storage or lockable storage drawers for additional security.   

The adjacent workstation has all the materials needed for packing and shipping easily stored and accessible in a relatively small space including the utilization of uprights, to hold the bubble wrap in place. If your packing needs require the use of several varying sizes of boxes and packing materials, a trolley can be added to hold your larger shipping containers and bubble wrap.


QC Workstations

Rousseau QC WorkstationOur quality control workstations provide a clean and convenient location to display and protect important information, such as Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) or ISO/QS 9000 documents. They provide a clean, stable platform for the collection, display, and analysis of data. They are durable in hostile environments, their high visibility color emphasizes your commitment to quality and safety, and they can be custom-designed to meet job-specific needs.



Receiving Workstations  

errgonomic-CPB-EditWith the vigorous demands of corporate receiving areas, the receiving workstations contribute to a more organized and ergonomically friendly atmosphere. Promoting good ergonomics decreases absenteeism and reduces worker’s compensation claims.





Resin Work Surfaces   

Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces are molded in large monolithic sections and are custom fabricated to your specification. Durcon’s unique molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures complete chemical reaction throughout the material to create a uniform work surface of the highest quality. 

Durable epoxy work surfaces resist heat and chemicals. The impressive heat and chemical resistance of epoxy resin makes it the most popular choice for the rigors of a laboratory. The outstanding qualities of epoxy resin provide a safe, economical and long lasting work surface.

Extensive testing shows that epoxy resin work surfaces resist discoloration, blistering, and cracking — even under the harshest conditions. This extremely high chemical and heat resistance means that epoxy resin work surfaces will look like new after years of hard work.  That’s because the rich color and chemical resistance permeates the entire surface consistently.

Solid epoxy resin work surfaces do not depend on surface coating for protection or use low cost core material. Plus the smooth, matte finish eliminates distracting glare and is easy to maintain. 

Features include: 

  • Appearance: Hard, smooth non-glare surface
  • Composition: Cellulose fiber, reinforced phenolic resin core with a polyurethane copolymer surface; available in multiple colors and patterns
  • Chemical Resistance: Good chemical resistance to wide range of acids, alkalies, and solvents
  • Applications: Use wherever a high degree of chemical resistance is required (not recommended for fume hood work surfaces)


Stainless Steel Workstations 

Stainless steel is recommended in carbon-based chemical labs, cleanrooms, and specialty settings. It is easy to clean and non-absorbent, so it has no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime, or bacteria.  

Advantages of stainless steel: 

  • A durable surface to manufacture equipment
  • Attractive and requires minimal care
  • Stainless steel is the greenest material
  • Formaspace carried due its infinite design
  • Lifetime and 100%, low-energy recyclability
  • 0% absorbency for easy cleaning
  • Beautiful, timeless appearance  

Features include:  

  • Appearance: No.4 Finish
  • Composition: Type 304 furnished as standard, but other types are available when specified; type 316 supplied for Perchloric Acid fume hoods
  • Chemical Resistance: Good chemical resistance to a wide range of reagents
  • Applications: Recommended for sterile and radiological laboratories


Stainless Steel Work Surface Tops 

Rousseau Stainless TopFeatures include:

  • Thickness: 1 ¾”
  • Brushed finish #4 offers an attractive appearance
  • Double flange construction, front and back
  • Two steel crossbars for attaching legs
  • Three wood crossbars (2” x 4”) for attaching cabinets and other accessories
  • May be reinforced and soundproofed by adding a WS75 wood filler


Testing Workstations 

Rousseau TestingTesting workstations offer a great starting point for a wide range of engineering, testing, assembly, cleanroom, and quality control functions. Value-priced C-leg bench offering is high strength for a wide range of applications. Available in 48, 60, and 72” work surface widths (laminate or maple) and 30” and 36” work surface heights, 29” deep. Available in stainless steel as well painted steel. Choose from accessory options to achieve a highly functional workstation.



Wall Hung Systems Furniture & Storage 

The Garden Pack garage wall storage and organizer system offers easy, convenient access to awkwardly sized garden tools. The Garage Pack is an economical alternative to organize the wide range of stuff that you accumulate in your garage.

1″ Wall Hanging System 

  • Provides support for a broad combination of accessories
  • Double slotted vertical uprights match uprights of Alpha modules allowing component interchangeability
  • May be mounted floor-to-ceiling or may be used above floor mounted furniture
  • System design allows shelving to be suspended both above and below the work surface
  • Provides support where no plumbing services are required
  • Vertical uprights mount easily on 8-foot support rails at 6″ intervals; rails may be easily cut to required lengths
  • Available with easy to remove cover panels; either painted steel or fabric covered.

3″ Wall Structural Modules 

  • 3″ wall structural modules provide support where no plumbing services are required
  • System design allows shelving to be suspended both above and below the work surface
  • Easy and positive structural alignment and attachment to adjacent modules
  • Available with easy to remove access panels; may be ordered without access panels for use with floor-mounted units
  • Provided with floor mounting bracket and anchor 


  • The Garden Pack garage wall storage and organizer system offers easy, convenient access to awkwardly sized garden tools
  • The Garage Pack is an economical alternative to organize the wide range of stuff that you accumulate in your garage
  • The Sports Pack is a great place for you and the kids to organize and store your sports equipment, large or small 

Eagle Wall Hung Cantilever

  • Adaptable for all areas where storage is needed
  • 100% usable shelving surface, from section to section, wall-to-wall and front-to-back; there are no posts to restrict stock placement; floor is unobstructed
  • Infinite height adjustability, no slots or keyholes to line up for leveling; shimming is eliminated
  • Wall-mounted shelving requires no support from the floor; floor area is therefore open and easily maintained
  • For use with both standard wire and solid shelving
  • All components are made of heavy-gauge material and available in zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Heavy duty, rugged construction  


  • Wall-mounted shelving requires no support from the floor; floor area is therefore open and easily maintained


Work Surface Types  

Plastic Laminated Work Surfaces – Option 1 

This work surface is constructed of high-density particleboard and laminated with a 1/16″ layer of standard or ESD plastic work surface laminate. All four sides are edged with a high-impact-resistant 3mm thick PVC edging in a complementary color. All four corners and the top and bottom edge of the edging are finished with a 2mm radius. An optional flush surface-mount grounding connector is also available for the ESD surface connection. Standard color: gray.

Plastic Laminated Work Surfaces – Option 2 

This basic work surface is constructed of 1-1/8″ high-density particleboard laminated with a 1/16″ layer of plastic laminate. All four sides are edged with a resilient black molded bumper and corners are formed with 1-1/4″ radius. Although not as comfortable as a rolled edge, the molding resists damage from objects bumping into the edge of the work surface. 

This ESD work surface is of the same construction except it is laminated with a 1/16″ layer of ESD plastic laminate. Flush mounting ESD surface connectors and swivet connectors are available for grounding. Standard color: gray. 

Hardwood Work Surfaces (Laminated Maple) 

This work surface is fabricated with 1.75″ edge laminated hard maple. Made of varnished wood composite panels with hardwood contour. It is extremely resistant to shocks, alkaline and acidic substances, oils, and greases.  

Stainless Steel Work Surfaces  

This sturdy work surface is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel formed into a box section with 2″ high return flanges (sides) and then reinforced with U-channel stiffeners. The finish is a random brushed finish. 

Dissipative Top Work Surfaces 

This work surface has a thickness of 1 ½”. It has a 90-degree radius front edge for more comfort and is attractive in appearance. It dissipates electric charges that can damage electronic components. Resistance point-to-point and point-to-ground is between 106 and 109 ½.