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Pallet Rack & Rack Systems

Bar Racks

Cogan Bar RackingBar rack is an excellent solution to storing long items like pipes, bars, lumber and tubing. Featuring numerous horizontal and vertical sections, bar racks provide many openings to organize your inventory.

Bar rack is ideal for heavy storage because it is capable of safely holding thousands of pounds.Manufactured of steel and riveted beams, bar rack provides strong support for the entire length of your long pipes, bars, tubes and lumber.

The solid construction also means that bar rack is able to last for decades.Often bar rack has at least two durable beams to support your items on each end. Since bar rack has both horizontal and vertical beams, it offers many ways to organize your inventory, which means your warehouse will be more efficient and safer.

Bulk or Widespan

Rousseau Warehouse-WidespanBulk storage racks offer the full spectrum of engineering design, load capacity, and space saving efficiency. Bulk storage racks provide industrial and shipping facilities with dependable load capacities and a wide variety of storage surfaces to maximize conversion of the vertical cube to safe, accessible storage space.



Speedrack CantileverCantilever racks make for great storage of long or awkward materials. Bulk items like sheet metal, flake board, dry wall, vinyl siding, pipes, lumber, and carpeting that would otherwise be stacked or piled on a floor in an unsafe, unorganized working environment, are effectively organized and safely accessible stored on cantilever arms.

Segregate these materials on cantilever rack by commodity and size. Inventory is made easier as all loads are visible for inspection, counting, picking, and weighing. Also, forklifts, pickers, and other handling equipment have much better access to material stored on cantilevers.

Cantilever racks will pay for themselves by increasing worker efficiency, organizing inventory layout, and exponentially increase safety.Side-loading trucks and stacker cranes require very little aisle space and can stack to 30′ or higher, cantilever racking helps utilize the building cube to the utmost.Pans or skids can be used with cantilever racks to hold small bars, tubing, pipe, etc. A few pieces may be manually removed for shipment.

The load can be removed from the rack by sideloader for selection of items from it.

Heavy-duty cantilever racks also offer clear front access to the storage levels. Unlike conventional racks, cantilevers have no vertical obstructions in the storage area. That lets you make full use of space from side to side on each level. Store materials of varying lengths without interference or modification to the cantilever rack.


Keneco BeamtrackUse gravity for storage and picking.In carton flow rack storage, all the cartons placed on a particular level and in a lane must contain the same SKU and are managed using the First In First Out (FIFO) system. This system utilizes a track of wheels or rollers installed at an angle of approximately 3/8″ per foot. The product is loaded in the back and flows via gravity to the front. The front is where the SKU (product) is picked.It’s an excellent solution for high storage density with fast-moving SKU-products in need of constant availability.




Konstant Multi-LevelCatwalks are multi-level storage systems that are designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse by using catwalk aisles and employee access stairways. The storage and retrieval process is performed by the employees and eliminates the use of heavy equipment such as forklifts and order pickers.

Multi-level catwalk systems maximize storage density in your warehouse. Catwalk systems have narrow pick aisles, reduced cross aisles and less wasted warehouse space. These systems can be made from custom fabricated rack components or standard shelving components.Catwalk rack storage systems are composed of custom fabricated pallet rack components and provide for the maximum span and capacity.


Speedrack CustomCustom rack designs, often required by six sigma “black belts,” are generally used for specific products or applications to reduce handling and products damage, organize material, or to integrate with other system relative to production or product delivery.

For anything custom provided by Kraftwerks, contact us at or call toll free at 1.800.387.5397. Our technical sales department will assist you with customization and design.


Konstant Drive-In Drive-ThruWhen space is at real premium in your stock room or warehouse, then having an effective method of increasing the amount of storage space available will allow you to manage more stock at any one time. One of the best ways of maximizing storage space within your warehouse is by implementing a system of drive thru pallet racks, which provide about 80-90% space utilization.

These racks are predominantly used in coolers and freezers when the cost to condition the air requires optimal utilization of cubical space. Usually fuel shipments and/or like products are stored using the First In First Out (FIFO) system.

Flow Racks

Speedrack Flow2Flow racks for small goods are the ideal order picking system. Goods such as bins, cartons, totes, etc. move under gravity along a slightly sloping roller track. Flow racks can also be executed in combination with pallet storage.

Flow storage consists of two clearly defined elements: Rack Structure and Dynamic Flow Rails. The flow rails are set at an incline in the rack structure, allowing pallet loads placed on one end of the rack to move down to the unloading end. Rollers facilitate smooth rolling, while self-energizing brakes control the speed. As each load is removed, the loads behind move forward automatically. Flow system depth, height and width are limited only by the size of your facility and capabilities of your material handling equipment.

Rack Structure:

Various rack structure designs may be used to support the flow rail system being used. A roll formed or structural rack design may be used. A flow storage system is only as good as the rack structure used to support the flow rail system being quoted.

Dynamic Flow Rails:

Conveyor rail components consisting of various types of wheel or roller rail are best suited to flow the product stored. These components are the most decisive to determine whether a flow system will be successful. These components are set at a decline to move product from one location to another. The flow rails allow loads to move by gravity from the loading end to the unloading end. Each flow lane includes self-energized speed controllers (brakes) to gently control the speed of movement within the flow lanes. As a load is removed, the loads behind it move forward to the unloading position.

The flow system depth, height and width are limited only by the size of your facility and the capabilities of your material handling equipment

High Density Roll Out Shelf

Cisco-Eagle Roll-OutRoll-Out Shelf units are equipped with automatic safety interlocks that lock all other shelves in when one is rolled out. They provide easy accessibility to all items stored. Shelf capacities range from 500 to 40,000 lbs. per shelf. Units are ideal for storing dies, molds, printing cylinders and maintenance items.

Features include:

  • Round steel bars can be stored with angles welded to the shelf.
  • Rollers can be stored with pans on the drawers and on the top of the unit with removable blocking that can be made from wood or other materials.
  • Light rollers can be stored side by side in our rollout shelf units.
  • Printing rollers without shafts can be stored with sling-type cradling.
  • Air-powered units can be used for storing large printing cylinders. Printing cylinder cradling can be made of aluminum, UHMW or steel with neoprene.
  • Small rollers and cylinders can be easily stored.

Key Style Racks

Speedrack KeystoneKeystone pallet racks feature keystone shaped holes and locking clips. These locking clips prevent uplifting and dislodging when loads are retrieved. These types of industrial pallet racks have a very high load capacity and allow for maximum storage density.Keystone style racking requires a “keystone” connector on the beam’s end-piece that allows it to be compatible with other keystone rack styles.This rack provides the same capacities as other roll formed selective rack systems but must use beams with the key stone type connector.It’s the perfect solution for applications where existing rack is of the same type.

Keystone racks are available in a variety of designs to meet specific needs:

  • Selective
  • Drive In/ Drive Thru
  • Flowrack
  • Pushback

Multi-Level Systems

Konstant Multi-LevelOur in-house engineering staff can provide a custom catwalk design to meet current and future needs. We can engineer a two-level, three-level or deckover system with a variety of stairs, handrail, grating and other options for all ventilation, lighting and sprinkler considerations.

Features include:

  • Fully integrated and expandable.
  • Grating made of corrosion resistant galvanized steel.
  • Safety engineered to meet or surpass OSHA requirements.

Property owners, developers, warehousers, and commercial real estate investors prefer Multi-Level Systems over many other storage system choices. These systems are modular, not part of the building structure, and therefore provide tax benefits. Under most tax laws, Multi-Level Systems are equipment, not real stationary property. This minimizes or avoids additional property taxes and allows the depreciation advantages granted to equipment over buildings and stationary structures.

Pallet Flow

Konstant Pallet FlowThanks to the increased efficiency and space saving factors that pallet flow racks offer, they render owners a number of advantages over conventional pallet rack.While a conventional pallet rack system requires strict stock control to ensure that the longest-standing stock is used ahead of newer acquisitions, this whole system is built into the construction of a pallet flow rack and you will automatically use the longest-inventoried items first.

This system would apply just about anywhere where a few items are offered and not an array of products. For example: food, detergents, fixtures, parts, etc.

The actual structure of a pallet flow rack system is a fairly radical departure from conventional static shelving. While it requires a higher cost of installation and purchase over other options, it provides a number of benefits in terms of the space saving and better stock control that it offers as standard.

Essentially, in a pallet flow rack system, pallets are loaded and unloaded via the end of the racks rather than along the side. Instead of standard mesh shelving, a system of braked rollers along a gentle incline is used (gravity). Once pallets are loaded on one end of the rack, they begin sliding along to the other end where they fill up the storage area. The oldest items are always next in line to be unloaded and this ensures that stock is not wasted.

Pallet flow racks are intended for use in a storage system where very few different materials are needed. Limited access at the ends of the racks means that each level can only be used for a single material, although a number of pallets can be stored on each. If you use lots of one type of stock item, then this should be stored on a flow system.

A pallet flow rack increases warehouse capacity by as much as 80% more than a conventional system. Access is only required at either end of the unit. Indeed, you can either place the flow racks in between conventional racks or alternatively simply fill up the entire central area of your warehouse with these racks if that suits your business model.

The use of pallet flow racks creates a number of benefits for staff, as they will be able to operate in a much safer system than a conventional warehouse allows. With each area specially used for a single purpose – either loading or unloading, it is fairly straightforward for everyone to know where they are and what is happening around them, reducing the risk of accidents.

Pallet Rack

Speedrack PalletPallet racking systems are designed from two basic components: frames and beams.Pallet racks provide for a range of accessories, configurations, colors, and enables a basic system to meet a wide range of needs for just about every type of storage facility.


Frames are a modern, fully bolted construction, which allow any damaged part to be replaced without the need for renewing the complete frame. The maximum load capacity of the frame is partly dependent on the number of and spacing of its beam levels. You must receive consultation on frame capacities and depths before placing an order. Your storage item is what determines the weight capacity, heights, and the depths of your frames.


Beams are available in a range of profiles to meet the load requirements of almost any application. The locking beam to upright provides positive location and easy adjustment. Again, you must receive consultation on beam capacities and lengths before placing an order.

Wire Decking

Wire decking pallet rack shelves are used as support platforms to distribute loads more evenly. Wire mesh pallet rack shelving has loadcapacities of up to 24,000 lbs. per upright and 6,000 lbs. per pair of beams. Pallet rack shelving or decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh sizes. Wire mesh construction also allows for easy selection accuracy and recognition of shelf products and prevents dust, dirt and other rubbish from collecting on the shelves because of the porous nature of wire mesh design.Again, consultation will be needed when placing an order for wire deck.

Pushback/Cart Pushback

Konstant PushBackThis is an accumulative storage system that allows you to store up to five pallets deep per level. All of the pallets on each level, except the last, are placed on a set of trolleys/carts that are pushed along the rolling rails. These rails are built on a slight incline, lower at the front, so that the pallets at the back move forward when the pallets closest to the aisle are removed.In a pushback pallet rack storage system, all the pallets placed on a particular level must contain the same SKU and are managed using the First In First Out (FIFO) system.

Records Retention

Rousseau Records RetentionThis offers a convenient, economical bulk storage for record retention.Single or double entry units allow complete access to all files for quick document retrieval.Units to 23′ tall are available with catwalks.

Record Archive Storage features include:

  • Store 20 standard record boxes per shelf
  • Available as single units or multilevel systems
  • No sway braces – full access from all sides
  • No wasted space
  • Expandable: a second level catwalk system can be added to double storage space without adding overhead

Rugged boltless construction provides a cost efficient storage system. Rigid connections provide solid support for decking, supporting 1,000 lbs. per shelf with a unit capacity of 16,000 lbs. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2″ centers. Super Strong posts are one-piece construction. Available with solid particleboard or 50% open wire decks.


SpaceRak StructuralStructural Selective Rack

Structural Selective Racks withstand forklift abuse and are the least likely to be deformed by impact. Unlike standard roll-formed uprights, these uprights are constructed from c-channel, which is thicker and stronger, especially at the corners.

Structural Push-Back Rack

Push-Back Storage Systems save up to 2/3 space by storing up to 6 pallets deep with access to every level. They can be custom engineered to meet your needs or added to your existing system; they are also suitable for coolers and freezers.

Structural Drive In/Drive Thru

Structural Drive-In Racks are built tough to withstand constant loading and unloading of product. These racks save 80% storage space by allowing the driver to drive right through to the other side. The slope or recessed leg minimizes forklift abuse.

Structural Pallet Flow Rack

Structural Pallet Flow racking systems provide high-density pallet storage and First-In, First-Out retrieval. Pallet Flow is excellent for manufacturing facilities where the number of pallets per product is high and provides the advantage of automatic stock rotation.

Structural Cantilever Rack

For many lumberyard applications, our engineers can design a structural cantilever rack supported building.

Teardrop Racks

Husky Invincible TeardropAll teardrop pallet rack components are designed in accordance with the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute (RMI). Features include:

  • The most popular industrial standard
  • Adjustability for most efficient height usage
  • Available in standard widths to 48″ and heights to 300″ to cover most heavy-duty storage applications
  • Their steel columns and heavy channel bracing are welded together to result in durable, strong, and reliable upright truss.
  • A boltless design ensures ease of assembly and adjustment
  • Weight capacities to 35,000 lbs. (based on 54″ beam spacing)
  • Conforms to light gauge cold form standards