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About Kraftwerks

Optimizing space – and enhancing employee and company performance in the process.

Our History

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Mission Statement

We at Kraftwerks, understand that the workplace is an asset, and the people working within are the core of any business.

Through constant change, Kraftwerks has developed unique competencies in optimizing space and maximizing productivity. We believe that the human spirit and ingenuity drive great results. In collaboration with our business partners — incorporating our experience and new technology — we create spaces that are safe, organized, and utilize best-in-class proven products.

Because we take projects from concept to completion, we take ownership in the design and build of a workspace. All of these things together allow us to guarantee our customers the best-value workplaces that money can buy.

Featured Product

BOSTONtec Workstations

A poorly designed packing station will likely cause a bottleneck in your outbound shipping process. BOSTONtec knows that it is important to ensure workstations are properly integrated into your facility and its flow plan. BOSTONtec’s workstations have evolved exactly in this manner, placing emphasis on maximizing throughput via analysis of your current (or planned) packing processes. They are designed to avoid repetitive motion injuries by focusing on horizontal and vertical reach zones, as well as limiting footsteps to increase productivity and efficiency.

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