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Fairview Ltd.

Fairview is a company with multiple locations in the US and Canada. They are a leading supplier of industrial quality fittings, hoses, and other quality products to distributors and OEMs.
  • In the post-COVID environment, like many other companies, the organization had amassed an excess of inventory.
  • Lack of space was becoming an issue and another costly expansion appeared to be the only option.
  • The organization needed an efficient storage solution that optimized their available space.
  • A previous expansion was causing a break in the organization’s workflow, making it necessary for workers to cross over an entire building between inventory and processing.
  • Made several on-site visits to the organization, talking with employees at all levels.
  • Reviewed the facilities and their layouts, as well as the full process and workflow of the organization.
  • Reconfigured existing racking and incorporated new high density (push-back, double deep) racking.
  • Installed heavy-duty guarding for additional safety.
  • Created an improved, more efficient workflow.
  • Completed work in multiple phases to transition area and avoid work interruptions.
  • The new racking configuration provided an additional level, better organization of inventory, and resulted in providing the organization with a better understanding of their inventory.
  • The new layout and workflow improved the process flow of the organization.
  • The project resulted in tremendous cost saving for the organization.
  • The organization was able to avoid a costly second expansion.
  • Capacity increased to near double.
  • Completed the project before its deadline and under budget.